2014年04月22日 (火)

オランダの若手デザイナーグループ “Dutch Invertuals” によるミラノサローネ2014での展示 “HAPPY FUTURE”

オランダの若手デザイナー、Raw ColorやBrit van Nerven and Sabine Marcelis、OS&OOSなどが所属する "Dutch Invertuals" による今年のミラノサローネでの展示 "HAPPY FUTURE" の展示風景の写真を掲載します。

Dutch Invertuals presents

Newly gained knowledge allows us to venture deeper into the future. We create new tools, speak a new language and formulate new aesthetics. We interpret nature, re-think our traditions and shape our identity.

After gaining so much knowledge and freedom to design our own individuality, and even our own society, it is time to re-discover what can truly bring us happiness. It has become so easy to take our freedom and luxury for granted while the world, as we know it, is in desperate need of balance. Step by step we are figuring out how to bring knowledge to gooduse. This will eventually lead to a Happy Future.

Wendy Plomp - Curator
“The mission of Dutch Invertuals is to show and challenge the value of knowledge and beauty.”

Invertuals: Brit van Nerven & Sabine Marcelis, Daphna Laurens, Edhv, Jeroen Wand, Jetske Visser, Jólan van der Wiel,OS Δ OOS, Raw Color, Roos Gomperts, Studio Mieke Meijer, Thomas Vailly & Laura Lynn Jansen

Dutch Invertuals is a collective of individual designers who are expanding the limits of their profession. Designers with different backgrounds, but with one thing in common: experiment is principal.

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