May 4th Sun., 2014

“Lix” 3D-printing pen allows users to create solid drawings in the air (dezeen)

April 28th Mon., 2014

Error in the Void exhibition exposes “illusion of perfection” in 3D scanning (dezeen)

April 26th Sat., 2014

Chinese company 3D prints 10 recycled concrete houses in 24 hours

April 22nd Tue., 2014

Hand-crafted marble and wood furniture systems for the smart home (designboom)

April 15th Tue., 2014

Algaeculture feeding system by Carlo Ratti Associati (designboom)

April 14th Mon., 2014

Atoll creates Reef system of swappable smart modules for iPads (designboom)

April 13th Sun., 2014

Portable robot printer is like a Roomba that squirts ink (Co.Design)

April 12th Sat., 2014

Miguel Chevalier spreads magic carpets 2014 over sacre coeur in Morocco (designboom)


3-D Printable Luggage May Make Schlepping Obsolete (Co.Design)

April 11th Fri., 2014

Schmalz’s Entry-Level Desktop Vacuum Clamping System (core77)


(Japanese) 買い物が「危険なほど」簡単になる “Amazon DASH” (


MIT Unveils The Shapeshifting Furniture Of The Future (Co.Design)


“Sonic Poster” Lets You See, Hear, And Feel Flavor (Co.Design)

January 14th Tue., 2014

ChefJet 3D Foof Printer by 3D Systems (designboom)

November 13th Wed., 2013

Video: inFORM – Interacting With a Dynamic Shape Display by MIT’s Tangible Media Group

November 7th Wed., 2012

Best Inventions of the Year 2012(TIME Magazine)

June 19th Tue., 2012

Foxconn, Here We Come! Dragon Innovation Teaches Startups How to Get Stuff Made (WIRED)

June 11th Mon., 2012

Video: transparent physical buttons by Tactus Technology that rise up from a touchscreen surface on demand

Tactus Technology presents a video of their technology that rise up transparent physical buttons from a touchscreen surface on demand. (more...)
December 13th Mon., 2010

3D digital holographic prints by Zebra Imaging

August 4th Wed., 2010

Magnetic putty

May 26th Wed., 2010

Flat-pack rotation molding machine

February 9th Tue., 2010

Robonaut 2 by NASA ans GM

January 22nd Fri., 2010

Toyota Sees Robotic Nurses in Your Lonely Final Years

January 19th Tue., 2010

Video : CNC tube bending machine

November 17th Tue., 2009

New Brain Cells May Knock Out Old Memories (WIRED)

October 28th Wed., 2009

Wild and Wonderful Rides Roll in Tokyo (WIRED)

October 27th Tue., 2009

Out of LSD? Just 15 Minutes of Sensory Deprivation Triggers Hallucinations (WIRED)

October 4th Sun., 2009

Zebra Imaging 3D Holograms (yakiimo02)

October 1st Thu., 2009

Foldable and mobile bridge for the time of disaster (KEN-Platz)

text in Japanese.
September 30th Wed., 2009

Brain Scans Reveal What You’ve Seen (WIRED)