Matali Crasset

French designer. Born in 1965.
April 10th Thu., 2014

Matali Crasset’s Work and sleeping bay for campeggi(design boom)

October 16th Tue., 2012

Concrete Collection by Matali Crasset for concrete by LCDA (designboom)

April 3rd Tue., 2012

Book ‘Matali Crasset: Works’ by Rizzoli (

January 9th Mon., 2012

Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity: French Design from the 1940s to Today / The Wolfsonian-FIU, Miami Beach (VernissageTV)

June 30th Thu., 2011

Matali Crasset: Signage for Abbaye Royale Fontevraud

March 31st Thu., 2011

Double Side by Matali Crasset for Danese

February 8th Tue., 2011

Matali Crasset designed chandeliers for Cathedral of Saint Bénigne in Dijon

January 11th Tue., 2011

Roots Rug by Matali Crasset

December 17th Fri., 2010

Le Bateau, curiosity cabinet by Matali Crasset

December 3rd Fri., 2010

Dar HI hotel by Matali Crasset

designboom shows photos of Dar HI, hotel in Nefta, Tunisia designed by Matali Crasset.

Le Nouvel Odéon by Matali Crasset

May 26th Wed., 2010

Quand Jim se Relaxe by Matali Crasset

April 22nd Thu., 2010

Foglie by Matali Crasset for Pallucco

April 20th Tue., 2010

Chambre d’Ami by Matali Crasset for Campeggi

April 19th Mon., 2010

Volte Face chair by Matali Crasset

April 7th Wed., 2010

Moustache in Milan

January 19th Tue., 2010

Pastry tools by Matali Crasset for Alessi