Jun Aoki

Architect based in Tokyo. Born in 1956.
May 12th Mon., 2014

Maria Novozhilova “In search for invisibility: Omiyamae Gymnasium by Jun Aoki” (dezain.net)

February 20th Thu., 2014

(Japanese) 青木淳、長谷川豪、保坂健二朗が参加するシンポジウム「アート界に象徴される刹那さとスピードの中で、いかに建築は立ち続けるべきか」が開催

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June 7th Fri., 2013

m, a house in Tokyo by Jun Aoki (designboom)

September 21st Fri., 2012

m house in Tokyo by Jun Aoki (JA+U)

July 31st Tue., 2012

Videos from JA 86 ‘Next Generation -Manifestations of Architects Under 35′ (JA+U)

JA+U presents videos of interview with Jun Aoki about JA magazine's issue 86 that features Japanese young architects, and interviews with the young architects SHINGO MASUDA+KATSUHISA OTSUBO and Chuoarchi. (more...)
June 23rd Thu., 2011

MUJI launched ‘Enjoy! ( ) Energy.’ Ideas for ongoing energy savings from around the world.

MUJI has launched the website of 'Enjoy! ( ) Energy.' that shows ideas for ongoing energy savings by Jasper Morrison, Konstantin Grcic, Makoto Orisaki and others.
March 3rd Thu., 2011

Images of design proposals for V&A Exhibition Road Competition

Malcolm Reading Consultants shows 34 images of the seven designs for V&A Exhibition Road Competition proposed by Juna Aoki, Amanda Levete, Snøhetta, Tony Fretton, Michael Maltzan and others.
December 1st Wed., 2010

V&A announced seven architects for the Museum’s Exhibition Road development; Amanda Levete, Jun Aoki, Michael Maltzan, Tony Fretton and others

October 4th Mon., 2010

Maison AoAo, apartment building in Tokyo by Jun Aoki

March 25th Thu., 2010

Maison AoAo in Tokyo by Jun Aoki

November 29th Sun., 2009

Video: SIA Aoyama Building by Jun Aoki

0300TV shows a video of SIA Aoyama Building in Tokyo designed by Jun Aoki.
August 25th Tue., 2009

Jun Aoki shows 6 images of new city hall project in Bergamo, Italy in collaboration with Paolo Pomodoro and Tim Power.